Bonus Section: Bitcoin guides

Electrum servers

  • Electrs - an efficient re-implementation of Electrum Server in Rust


Desktop wallets


  • Sparrow Server - a stripped down version of Sparrow that can be run on systems without displays

Decentralized exchange

  • Bisq - a decentralized exchange desktop app connected to your node to privately buy and sell non-KYC bitcoins


  • Safu Ninja - create resilient DIY metal backups of your seed phrases

  • Ordirespector - an Ordinals NFTs spam filter for mempool politics of Bitcoin Core

  • Nostr relay - a nostr relay written in Rust with support for the entire relay protocol and data persistence using SQLite



Payment processors

  • BTCPay Server - a free and open-source Bitcoin payment processor which allows you to accept Bitcoin without fees or intermediaries

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