Aliases are shortcuts for commands that can save time and make it easier to execute common and frequent commands. The following aliases do not display information in a fancy way, but they make it easier to execute commands.

Difficulty: Easy


The following list of aliases was derived from contributions by RobClark56 and 2FakTor.


  • With user admin, ensure you are on home folder and download the aliases list provided for a MiniBolt environment

$ cd /home/admin
$ wget -O .bash_aliases

If you want, inspect the list of aliases to make sure it does not do bad things, and modify it with your personal aliases if you want. Exit with Ctrl-X

$ nano .bash_aliases
  • Execute a source command to register changes of the .bash_aliases file in the .bashrc file

$ source /home/admin/.bashrc


  • Simply type "alias" to display all available aliases

alias enableallmain='sudo systemctl enable bitcoind electrs btcrpcexplorer lnd rtl scb-backup'
alias enablebitcoind='sudo systemctl enable bitcoind'
alias enablebtcrpcexplorer='sudo systemctl enable btcrpcexplorer'
alias enablecircuitbreaker='sudo systemctl enable circuitbreaker'
alias enablecln='sudo systemctl enable cln'
alias enablefulcrum='sudo systemctl enable fulcrum'
  • Test some of the aliases to see if it has been installed properly

$ showmainversion
Example of expected output ⬇️
> The installed versions of the services are as follows:
> Bitcoin Core version v23.0.0
> lnd version 0.15.3-beta commit=v0.15.3-beta
> BTC RPC Explorer: "version": "3.3.0",
> Electrs: v0.9.9
> RTL: "version": "0.12.3",
> Tor version
> NPM: v8.15.0
> NodeJS: v16.17.1
> htop 3.0.5
> nginx version: nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu)


Follow again the Set up Aliases section again to overwrite aliases.

You can see if the aliases have a recent update by entering here


  • To remove these special aliases, with the user admin, simply deletes the .bash_aliases and executes a source command to register changes. The aliases will be gone with the next login

$ rm ~/.bash_aliases
  • Execute a source command to register changes to the .bashrc file

$ source /home/admin/.bashrc

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